Every season of Gilmore Girls was released on Netflix today and it's so nice that your boyfriend has agreed to watch all seven of them with you, from start to finish. (I know—he's going to love it!) Before you guys start binging, feel free to pass him this guide. I know he hates reading, unlike Jess, ugh, god, why couldn't he be more like Jess, but I swear it's not that long!

What is Gilmore Girls about?

Lorelai Gilmore, a single mother, raising her exceptionally bright daughter Rory Gilmore in Stars Hollow, Connecticut. Lorelai had Rory (whose full name is also Lorelai) when she was just 16, after which she became willfully estranged from her very wealthy parents. She reinserts herself into their life when she has to borrow money to send Rory to prep school. That's where we begin, basically.

This definitely, 100% doesn't sound like something I'm going to like. Am I going to like it?

Honestly, I think you will like it. It's smart and funny. It might take you a little while to warm up to the characters, but I predict you'll be fully on board by the end of season one.

OK. So, how many seasons are there? And how long is each episode?

Well. This is going to sound like a lot, but there are seven seasons and each episode—there are 153 of them—is about 45 minutes long.

[Dean voice] Aw, come—come on. So, what's that? 45 times 153?


Speaking of Dean, my girlfriend has always been very vocal about her hatred of him, but I'm watching this show, and, I don't know, he seems like a decent guy.


He obviously really cares about Rory. I get that he's possessive sometimes, but Rory has flaws, too, and I really don't feel like all of this Dean hate is warranted. Is it OK to share that opinion?


You fucking keep your mouth shut with that opinion.

OK. Where is Stars Hollow?

It's a fictional town in Connecticut, about 30 minutes outside of Hartford.

Why is it always fall there?

Sometimes it's winter!

What's the deal with Luke and Lorelai?

Luke has been pining for Lorelai for, I guess, always. The town knows it and Lorelai knows it, too, though she denies it.

Do they ever get together?

Why would you want me to spoil that for you? You'll see in the show, doofus.

Rory keeps messing up and every time she messes up people are surprised because it's "unlike Rory" to mess up. Seems to me that it's exactly like Rory to mess up. Does she ever stop messing up?

No, and you're not wrong. One thing you have to keep in mind, though, is that you're entering Rory's life at a tumultuous time. Up until now, she was young, boyfriend-free, and the smartest girl at Stars Hollow High. When we meet her, her world gets much bigger, and with that comes much more room for error.

It's still annoying.


Speaking of annoying: I hate Lorelai.

You don't hate Lorelai.

OK, but she can be tiring. Also, a lot of the time she's cruel to her parents for what seems like no reason, and she's rude to other people in a way that I feel like we're supposed to think is charming.

I hear you and, again, you're not wrong. It doesn't matter, though, and you shouldn't mention it to your girlfriend. She agrees, but just—please don't mention it.

How long until I can think Rory is hot?

Junior year of college.

But I already think she's hot.

Honestly, you seem like a nightmare and I think your girlfriend should break up with you.

[image via CW]