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Two human beings found themselves stripped of everything but their sense for drama on Saturday night's Naked And Afraid, the Discovery Channel series that answers the question, "Will people watch a no-stakes version of Survivor if there are enough bare butts onscreen?"

Tom, an army vet and Carrie, a marine, were set down in Cambodia. At first they managed an adequate partnership despite the full-time presence of butts, balls, nips and unfiltered body smells stewing in the deep sultry heat of the jungle. But when the temperature dropped, tempers started to flare.

Was Tom being a little prim in refusing Carrie access to his 98 degrees of body heat? Was he at fault for sexualizing their interaction by refusing to adopt basic survival skills and cuddle with Carrie?

It's his body, still ...you signed up for a show where the premise is one naked man and one naked woman teaming up against the elements. Did it really never occur to you that would mean physical contact? Aren't you cold? Isn't it hurting both of you that just touching this other human being makes you feel guilty?

What we do know is this incident introduced an alienation between Carrie and Tom that escalated into the kind of focused, spiteful hostility I haven't seen since Real World Seattle.

[There was a video here]

Was Tom well within his rights? Was Carrie stung or just exasperated? Would you consider it cheating if your partner went on Naked and Afraid and cuddled with a cutie for warmth?

Whatever your thoughts, we have to all give Carrie props on that woven-bamboo hair tie.

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