[There was a video here]

The smugly white performance artist Ann Coulter appeared on today’s episode of The View in yet another stop on her unending publicity tour for her recent book. The ensuing segment has it all! By all, I mean:

  • A woman from Nicaragua (Ana Navarro) confronting Coulter on her opinions about immigrants.
  • Coulter proudly mispronouncing “adios,” because she’s white, damn it, and isn’t that fun?

  • Coulter answering “Why yes I am” to the question, “Are you a Native American?” and then explaining, “I’m a settler. I’m descended from settlers, not immigrants.”
  • Coulter calling out Raven-Symoné on her comments about black people’s names from last week.
  • Coulter using phrases like “the immigrants we like” and calling for the “assimilation” of current immigrants in the United States.

This has been yet another installment of Ann Coulter explaining how bad things are getting for white people in this country (except for her, since the current conditions give her the material she needs to sell books).