Last night, the top 10 performers on this season of So You Think You Can Dance got to perform alongside the All-Stars, aka the dancers America knows already and have been waiting for this whole season. Watch as pin-up girl Jessica and a youth-challenged tWitch take the stage.

As expected from the moment tWitch was announced as Jessica's partner, it's a pretty good number. But a big part of that stems from the fact that it avoids the biggest pitfall of most "newbie"/All-Star performances: only being able to focus on the All-Star. Since the All-Stars are the ones the viewers already know can bring it on the stage, it's usually just easier to watch whatever they're doing in the number instead of the current season performer who has everything in the world to prove.

(Case in point, last night's performance from the now-eliminated Emilio and his All-Star, Jasmine—if you're able to pay attention to him at any time at all once she comes onscreen, then you deserve a medal.)

It is kind of "unreal" that Jessica is able to draw attention to herself and hold her own against a partner as charismatic as tWitch. That's not to discredit Jessica, though. At least, not completely. From the moment she auditioned, Nigel and the judges have set her up as the favorite to win. In fact, after this number, Nigel literally says "I hope that you win this." He even throws in an "I don't think people realize yet how good you are as a dancer," which is more "unreal" than the routine itself. Actually, it's a little ridiculous, considering how she's in the top 10 (and now, top 8), after all.

It's rather hard to know how good someone is at dancing when the viewers—

  1. Keep seeing her have good routines.
  2. Just watched her survive the top 10.
  3. Are constantly being told how good she is at dancing and how she should win.
  4. Just watched her hold her own in a duet with tWitch.

—don't you think?

[ Video via Fox]

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