Anne Hathaway's new movie Song One opens on Friday. Here is how she described the drama's premise on The Daily Show:

I play a young anthropologist getting her PhD in Morocco, and...something happened to her while she was a teenager that made her grow up really...too fast. So she became an adult very quickly, very young. And so she never kind of explored any part of her artistic side. And then her little brother who's 19 calls her up and says, "I'm dropping out of college to become a musician," and she doesn't react very well. And they hadn't spoken for six months and then he gets hit by a car and is in a coma.

And then, Jon Stewart laughed in her face.

And then, Anne Hathaway laughed right back.

For the next 2 minutes, she never really pulled herself back together, even when the subject veered away from her movie. It was utterly endearing, as prolonged, uncontrollable laughter often is on television, especially when it is as real of a laughing fit as this seems to be. This feels real candid. I don't know if Anne Hathaway has ever been so likable. This is how you sell a movie, even when it's a coma movie.