[There was a video here]

As CNN’s John Berman and Don Lemon reported live earlier today in Charleston on last night’s shooting, a woman interrupted the broadcast to set a few things straight. “We’re mad! We’re angry! Tell the truth!” she said as Berman launched into a report about the heartbreak in Charleston, standing feet way from the Emanuel AME Church.

“White people are terrorists! This is not a hate crime!” she continued off-camera.

After Berman introduced Lemon, she yelled, “Don, are you angry?” Coming into frame, she repeatedly shouted questions at Lemon regarding his own anger and then said, “Uncle Tom? Hello?”

“We’re angry. Speak about the anger. Talk about the anger,” she continued as the anchors tried in vain to control the broadcast with their banter.

“The president is a puppet! Stop the lies. Stop the lies. He’s an Uncle Tom, too. President Obama’s an Uncle Tom, too,” she said as Berman announced they were going to break.

“Black folks, get off your knees,” the woman concluded. “And stop praying.”

She wanted to cut the shit and share the anger. And so she did.