Sometimes your worst your best self. We get the world the deserve. This girl’s gone missing, and nobody cares. Eat my knife, wood. This is True Detective Season 2, and clues are piling up, the tension is mounting, and the detectives are getting truer. Are you ready? Are you? Ready?

Who can forget the tightly coiled erotic thrill we all felt as creator Nic Pizzolato teased us with each of True Detective Season 1’s episodes? Would Matthew McConaughey be the true detective? Or Woody Harrelson? Shea Whigham? Upon the release of the first trailer for the laid-back Cali-style new installment of HBO’s noirish hit, we asked: Who will be the true detective this time around? Today saw the release of a new trailer, and while nothing is certain, it may provide a few hints about the identity of true detective, Season 2.

Rachel McAdams

After a relatively weak showing last time around, McAdams comes out looking surprisingly true in trailer two. In the clip’s most memorable scene, she wields a hunting knife, giving a few precise jabs into the air before lodging her blade violently into a mysterious block of wood. Human versus plant. Control versus chaos. Rachel McAdams’ higher brain versus the deeper, more animalistic portions of Rachel McAdams’ brain. These are the dualities at the heart of True Detective, and Rachel McAdams is looking fitter than ever to explore them.

Odds of becoming the true detective: 11:10

Colin Farrell

This bolo tie-wearing motherfucker was an easy early favorite for a number of reasons, not least of which was the bolo tie. His stock still looks good: witness the bloody knuckles he’s sporting and the sub-Rust Cohle philosophizing that makes up his only dialogue. But while Farrell wears the residue of violence on his hands, he never engages in any honest-to-god shitkicking. Violence is virility, and virility is the truest essence of detective. If Colin Farrell is truly true, he’d do well to start throwing some punches.

Odds of becoming the true detective: 6:5

Vince Vaughn

Vince, buddy. Come on. Vinny. Vinnaaaay! That skeptical eyebrow-raised look you’re serving up to the tough guy across the table from you—that’s the exact look I have on my face right now as I sit here, thinking about you becoming the true detective. A pinstriped shirt? Come on, Vince. Are you wearing a watch? Vince. Vaughn, baby. Vincey Vaughn. Vincey Vincey Vaughn boy. Come on, Vince. It’s over.

Odds of becoming the true detective: 10:1

Who is Taylor Kitsch? After two trailers, I’m still not sure. Maybe Taylor Kitsch is a small wooden statue, standing in front of a small wooden box. If so, he’s got more true detective potential than we initially gave him credit for. Does the statue, slightly battered, signify childlike innocence lost? Or are the vague occult vibes it’s giving off a stand-in for the dark and terrifying power of the primitive—of nature itself? Is man destined to spend his time on this earth in perpetual, humiliating conflict with forces he will never begin to understand? Tune in June 21 to find out.

Odds of becoming the true detective: 3:1

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