I forgive you for thinking you’d seen the dumbest-ever attempt to solve a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune. I was once like you. “Self-Potato.” “I Have the Wine by Johnny Cash.” I’ve loved them all. But I am here today to tell you I have now witnessed an even less competent response, and open your eyes to levels of Wheel misfortune previously unknown.

Despite seeing one the words in this puzzle being completely exposed, and having access to the training-wheels-ass “no more vowels” warning, this contestant—who is reportedly a medical doctor in her non-Wheel life—is unable to close the deal. She can’t even start in the right way, and gets viciously picked off by her rival, who collects a few $800 “S” tiles just for rub-ins.

Brutal. Truly brutal. Being on TV is hard.

[Video via Uproxx]