If you had to invent the ideal news story for Larry Wilmore’s hit-and-miss Nightly Show, you couldn’t do any better than “crazypants white lady pretends to be black.” On Monday, Wilmore finally got to step up to the tee that Rachel Dolezal spent all weekend (or her entire life up to this point, really) setting up for him.

His highlight reel of Dolezal’s deception thus far—including the time she bailed from an interview so fast that she forgot her purse, and the times she apparently sent herself fake racist hate mail—was quite solid. But the best part of the episode was the panel segment with Run the Jewels rapper Killer Mike. Who knew he was an expert on mall tans?

Even “Keep It 100,” usually kind of a throwaway, is pretty great when you’re on the subject of made-up “transracialism.” Would Killer Mike ever like to be white? Hell yeah—during alcohol stops and drug tests.

Like Killer Mike’s iPhone wallpaper of a KKK guy wearing Wolf Grey Jordans, this Dolezal story continues to be too bizarre to look away from.