This weekend, HBO premiered the Murray Miller-written sports mockumentary 7 Days in Hell. It was everything True Detective is not: lighthearted, stupid, and delightfully funny—a perfect summer whatever-a-rita.

In a nutshell: Andy Samberg plays a washed up ex tennis pro named Aaron Williams, a white guy who was “reverse Blind Side-d” by Venus and Serena Williams’ dad only to find himself killing it as the bad boy of tennis. His signature move? A little air guitar on the racket after a good point won. After an unexpected loss where Williams’ game gets shaken from killing a guy (no joke), he says “Later, tennis,” starts a men’s underwear company, ends up in Swedish jail, and only breaks out to defend his title at Wimbledon against the biggest pussy in Britain, Charles Poole (played by Kit Harington). The ensuing seven-day competition is the only time in your life that you’d ever want to watch that much tennis.

Better than the blithely stupid jokes: The costumes. Both Samberg and Harington give consistently great face, a talent only heightened when 80s hair metal wigs and tennis clothes are thrown in. To help get you through your Monday, enjoy the funniest looks from the special, presented without commentary. Please note that a scrotum is featured in one photograph—behave appropriately.

I’m still laughing.

Screenshots via HBO.