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Some among you may have scoffed upon hearing the news that Taylor Swift was slated to give advice to singers on a singing competition. But as it turns out she's kind of awesome, as in this clip where she nudges teenage contestant Tanner Linford ever closer to puberty simply by calling him "cute."

Even losing to fellow Team Blake member Jessie Pitts in the knockout round couldn't take the shine off of wee Tanner, though I think we all agree that he should indeed have hugged Taylor, especially considering where his head would have landed.

And here, in no specific order, are some other awesome things that T. Swift accomplished in her first appearance on The Voice.

1. She didn't really try to give anyone actual singing advice: I mean, in all honesty, Taylor would probably lose to any of these contestants in a battle round. And so she kept most of her remarks to style or performance notes, like telling Sugar Joans to lose some of her growl, or suggesting that Griffin wave his arm around, or telling Luke Wade to lean against a pole at the beginning of his song, or suggesting that Taylor Phelan lose his crutch of a guitar and hop around more. But perhaps her most insightful advice came when she told Toia Jones that Beyonce already took a "love" angle on "Crazy in Love," and so she should hone in on the "crazy." This is the performance that resulted.

RIGHT?? And STILL Toia didn't win this Team Adam knockout against Damien, OR get stolen by any of the other judges. Let us hope that she has the good fortune to join Maiya Sykes and Kelli Douglas on Stevie Nicks' shadow super team.

2. She resists Adam Levine's awkward attempts at flirting. Though I guess you have to admire a man who has the game to try out the line, "There's parts of my body that are technically robot."

[There was a video here]

3. She has a way to distinguish herself from other Taylors.

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4. This

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Some actual music things happened last night, too.

  • First, in case the boxing rings and manifold forms of battle on this show confuse you as much as they confuse me, in these, the Knockout Rounds, coaches pit two of their team members against one another, but this time the contestants get to choose their own songs. Each coach gets only one steal in this round.
  • Pharrell is apparently obsessed with Sugar Joans, and wasted no time in stealing her after Gwen declared Bryana Salaz the winner of their knockout battle.
  • Blake was skeptical when his team member James David Carter chose the James Taylor version of "You've Got a Friend," but James's simple, elegant performance killed. Blake then admitted he really doesn't know what he's talking about sometimes, and James won the round over Griffin's "man version" of Justin Bieber's "As Long As You Love Me."
  • Danica Shirey slayed Whitney Houston's "Saving All My Love for You," and is quite possibly going to win this whole show. In this Team Pharrell round, she knocked out technically excellent but rather pageant-y Katriz Trinidad, who sang Alicia Keys' "Superwoman." Katriz cried as she hugged all of the coaches goodbye, but nobody felt guilty enough to steal her.
  • The Voice continued its love affair with Hall and Oates when Luke Wade sang "Rich Girl," a song that renders me physically unable to not scream it out at the top of my lungs. Luke's performance was typically great and he won the round for Team Pharrell, besting Taylor Phelan and his impressive hopping around. But then all of the other coaches hit their steal buttons for Taylor! He chose Adam to be his new coach, and at least one audience member agreed that this was the right choice.

Meanwhile, is it some sort of apocalyptic sign that Blake Shelton was televised with a bat shadow emblazoned upon his forehead? I think yes.

Next time: More Tay!

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