The Best ​Movies and TV Coming to Netflix in January

Jacob Clifton · 12/16/14 04:00PM

If your New Year celebrations are anything like mine you are probably going to wake up in 2015 feeling vulnerable and nauseated, tossed aside like Renee Zellweger's old forgotten party clothes. Best to stay in on January first, eat sparingly but continuously, and find yourself a way back from wreck to masterpiece by meditating on these fine new Netflix offerings, starting 1/1.

​Everything Leaving Netflix at the End of December

Jacob Clifton · 12/15/14 04:00PM

One thing that's fun to do during the holidays is get the hell away from your family for just like one solid second of peace and quiet or so you can strategize. While any of these films that will be leaving Netflix on December 31 are suitable for family viewing, it's also true that you can do things on your own because you are a grownup now. So close that door, pop in your headphones, and lay back on a bed that is too small and feels weird and different than what you are used to, because the clock is ticking on these guys. (And check back for our guide to what's replacing them, tomorrow!)

Here Are the TV and Movies You Should Stream This Weekend

Jacob Clifton · 12/12/14 04:38PM

Looking forward to a warm night in with someone you are super comfortable around? Crack open some wine and enjoy these recently added streaming delights, selected specifically for you the consumer.

The Best TV and Movies to Stream ​This Weekend

Jacob Clifton · 12/05/14 02:15PM

This weekend represents one of the few normal weekends you're going to get, between all the holidays and holidays parties and other ways of being American that this time of year forces down your gullet. So why rest up, save your strength, revel in all the rich entertainment bounty that is available to you? We have great ideas this week.

The Best Movies and TV Coming to Netflix This December

Jacob Clifton · 11/26/14 10:45AM

Baby, it's cold outside. Maybe you've got the post-Thanksgiving blues, maybe you're just snowed in by feet upon feet of climate change. But don't be afraid, don't you give it a second thought! You just settle in tight for a month of new shit on Netflix, forget the stuff we're leaving behind, and I guarantee it'll get us all the way to Christmas.

Everything Leaving Netflix at the End of November

Jacob Clifton · 11/26/14 09:00AM

Nobody wants to talk about stuff leaving Netflix in the middle of the night, any more than we want to talk about weird family vibes this holiday or the fact that we will probably all get snowed in forever while it's happening. So let's think instead about all these Netflix movies that we have the next five days to zip through, before they're gone. (And check back in to see what will replace them!)

The Best Movies and TV to Stream This Thanksgiving

Jacob Clifton · 11/21/14 12:45PM

Thanksgiving: What is it? A holiday to celebrate the vaguest things we treasure, eat until we explode, and drink until we ditto. Whether you need a moment away, or enjoy your family so much you want to sit in front of a screen silently with them, here is a deluxe list of movies, TV shows, and zany moments available right now on your computer or other device.

The Very Best TV Series to Stream This Weekend

Jacob Clifton · 11/07/14 09:01AM

Between the revelry and the time change and flu shots making you feel weird and the crazy weather, maybe it's best just to give in and go into autumnal mode: Light some fires, layer some middle-weights, buy a SAD app for your phone that will shine light directly into your face (or, if that is not invented yet, look for me on an upcoming episode of Shark Tank, where I'll probably hit on Mark Cuban just to see what he does and then buy my app), cuff yourself to a jumpoff for the remainder, check off your plans with the Weekend Guide, and then snuggle down for some of the nearly limitless entertainments of history now at your disposal, with this week's Morning After Guide to Streaming.

The Best Episodes of Masters of Horror Now Streaming for Free

Jacob Clifton · 10/31/14 01:00PM

The full run of Mick Garris's two-season brainchild is now available on Hulu and Hulu+. We've combed through the total of 26 episodes, originally aired on Showtime from 2005-2007, to find the very best for you this weekend.

Everything Coming to Netflix in November

Jacob Clifton · 10/30/14 03:00PM

Hallowe'en is a time when the veil between past and present, living and dead, goes soft; and of course, so too we find the line between what is available and what is no longer or temporarily unavailable ever so slightly permeable, on the last day of the month, when it comes to Netflix. Imagine if you will that you are in for the night, not even daring to hope that you will catch the changing of the queue at whatever arcane time Netflix does that: Now you will be the one to see the lights go out in some eyes, and come on in others, as the Circle of Life once again replenishes the vast Lawnmower Oceans of our digital delights.

What's Leaving Netflix on Friday

Jacob Clifton · 10/29/14 04:00PM

You have 48 hours to watch the following movies before they leave Netflix with no word on when they will return. Could be in a week, could be years from now. You don't know, and Netflix isn't telling. Luckily a lot of them suck super bad so this will not be painful for you, but then in other cases maybe you will find, upon reflection, that two of those hours is worth spending on something that will soon be just a memory.

The Best Things to Stream This Weekend

Jacob Clifton · 10/24/14 05:00PM

Tonight marks the beginning of Halloweek, when everybody who wants to throw a Halloween party knows that, like with birthdays, even one day after actual thing feels like a huge sad lie. If you're not partying Friday night, then you better carve some pumpkins or shit this weekend! But if you resist the power of Hallowe'en, either because you are in a monogamous relationship and as an adult have no use for it, or simply because you are lazy but not interested in what's coming up, why not use this hallowed we'ekend (wee'nd? Weeknd?) to catch up on your streaming?

The Best TV Shows Streaming Online Right Now

Jacob Clifton · 10/17/14 05:30PM

Now that the fall season is in full swing, there's a lot of TV to keep up with and the weekend is no different. But if you've exhausted your options and the Weekend Guide isn't doing for the remainder (and you already watched Transparent, obviously) here are some of Morning After's other top picks for the weekend.

All the Best New Stuff on Netflix This October

Jacob Clifton · 09/30/14 03:00PM

Call it Hallowe'en, call it All Hallows', Werewolf Bar Mitzvah or even Sinéadoconnor, as the Celts did, the Autumnal Equinox means just one thing: Rebirth and Renewal. Now is the time that we, like our ancestors, must take a long hard look at our Netflix queues and decide what goes and what stays, to make way for a fresh harvest.

A Guide to the Next Week of TV Premieres

Jacob Clifton · 09/05/14 03:05PM

Clearly the Gleekwells are getting pretty restless about the ensuing Fall season! We can't jump the gun just yet, because we are still just at the trickle that is not yet the flood. The Mississippi's mighty but it starts in Minnesota, as the old song goes from Melissa's college years; as a story Hambone fondly remembers from Youth Camp, the frog doesn't know the water's boiling until his inward stuff is already cooked. And so it is with the television season. And so it always has been.

​What to Rent, Stream and Binge This Labor Day Weekend

Jacob Clifton · 08/29/14 10:50AM

Weekends are great! Rainy or sunny, warm or chilly, it's a nice time to take stock and ask yourself the big questions. But what is better than that every-five-day treat? A weekend that is longer than the usual weekend, a jumbo one. Just like this weekend! Labor Day Weekend. End of White Clothes and Accessories Weekend. Hop into Drabness Weekend. Watch some things on the TV or device .

Movies and TV Leaving Netflix This Weekend

Jacob Clifton · 08/28/14 03:25PM

Melissa and Hambone are up to it again! This Labor Day Weekend all they want to do is squeeze the last of the Flix juice from the Net rind, or else what is their $8.65 a month even for? They delight in destruction; the gleam in Hambone's eyes says, "I want to see it when these movies vanish from Netflix. The actual moment they blink out of existence. To feel like a God." So let's help 'em out killing the time until September 1 with some solid info.

Your Official Guide to Binge Watching The Good Wife

Jacob Clifton · 08/28/14 12:06PM

As of today, you have two weekends to catch up on The Good Wife before the hit import from the world of Mom Shows returns. Whether you're here because of the nonstop critical praise, the endless lavishing of awards, or to shut up a friend or loved one by finally giving it a try, you still have a decent shot at getting caught up in time to join the conversation next Sunday (9/21).