Talking Black-ish: Can the Sitcom Defy Expectations?

Jason Parham · 09/25/14 10:45AM

Last night ABC debuted its highly buzzed-about sitcom, Black-ish. Starring Anthony Anderson (Law & Order, Guys With Kids) and Tracee Ellis Ross (Girlfriends), the show follows Andre "Dre" Johnson, the patriarch of an upper middle-class black family, as he attempts to raise his kids in a suburban neighborhood (read: white) without having them lose a grip on the richness of their (black) culture.

​Your Official Guide To The Fall TV Season

Jacob Clifton · 05/16/14 03:02PM

Today marks the end of a delirious old-timey End Of The World party for advertisers and the swiftly dying ratings system on which they base their careers, called the upfronts, which is an industry term meaning "making TV stars act like carnies in front of suits that don't care because they are drunk." Here's a short rundown of the major nets' fall schedules—the downlow on the upfronts, if you will—for us to chat about:

The First Morning After

Jacob Clifton · 05/03/14 01:54PM

Everybody told me that New Yorkers were a bit harsh but I didn't really believe it, because I can't believe people really vary that much from place to place, that the differences between us are ever going to be as dramatic as the similarities. And of course, everybody was wrong. New Yorkers are great. In Texas we're nice because we don't know any better. But in New York, I found people everywhere who were kind, and helpful, and all the things everyone says they're not.