Are You Like, "So What? Who Cares?" About Living Amongst Roaches?

Rich Juzwiak · 11/02/15 02:40PM

There’s this guy Kyle on the currently airing third season of TLC’s harrowing 90 Day Fiance who is terrifyingly blasé about his New Orleans house’s cockroach infestation. He chalks it up to the fact that he lives in a “bachelor pad” and seems only concerned about it because it bothers his fiance Noon, who has moved from Thailand to be with him. (She’s in the States on a K-1 or “fiance” visa, which requires her to marry Kyle after 90 days if she’s to stay in the country—hence the show’s name.)

90 Day Fiancé Is a Gruesome Hail Mary of Love

Jacob Clifton · 12/01/14 12:52PM

Are the people on this show, which chronicles several straight couples dignifying traditional marriage by getting married three months after meeting, the stupidest people in the world? Depends.

90 Day Fiance Is Only Catfish If You Don't Believe In Love

Jacob Clifton · 11/24/14 01:45PM

Those 90-Day memories keep accreting in Week Six of TLC's third-most popular show about making terrible life choices, now that a certain human thumb has been dragged offstage forever. This week: Incipient child neglect, imaginary music careers, a tank full of actual sharks, and more.

No Pop Rocks in Your Vagina: Sex Sent Me To the ER Teachable Moments

Price Peterson · 05/13/14 08:00AM

Now that one hundred million TV shows constantly vie for our attention it makes sense that basic cable networks have resorted to a truly classic trick: Amazing titles. I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, Ancient Aliens, Killer Kids, My Cat From Hell, Nightmare Next Door, Confessions: Animal Hoarding, or my all-time favorite, Serial Killer Earth... All are titles that would make any discerning trash lover stop channel surfing and START getting entertained. But even these amazing titles may have been trumped by the TLC series Sex Sent Me To the ER, a sort of hybrid of HBO's Real Sex franchise and small-town community theater sketch comedy. This show is fucking ridiculous.