Who Was the True Detective? True Detective's Bleak Finale Explained

Andy Cush · 08/10/15 02:50PM

For true detectives, heaven is a place called Venezuela. Our time together is over for now, but it is not the end, fellow detectives, not unless HBO fails to pick True Detective up for a third season. Venezuela, detectives. I’ll see you there in two weeks.

"I Must've Busted About 1,000 Nuts in This Bitch": On Ballers Episode 6

Dayna Evans · 07/27/15 04:05PM

If anyone is still out there reading this website, we’ve got big news: Ballers episode six was one for the baller record books—to be remembered time and time again in moments of dark despair. While the world may be crumbling around us, and night begins to fall, it is important to remember that the ballers stop balling for no one. Not even you or I. Not even anyone else. Not even other ballers. The balling is forever.

"I Just Use the Weed For Pain Management": On Ballers Episode Five

Dayna Evans · 07/21/15 12:57PM

From the Ballers fan mail inbox: “Am I crazy, or is there no article for episode 5 of Ballers? How the hell am I supposed to know how HARD they BALLED?” Readers, did you really believe we’d leave you—our most loyal and dedicated ballers—stranded without a ball? What kind of operation do you think we’re running here? Time to ball out!

Beaten Into Exposition: True Detective Episode Five Explained

Andy Cush · 07/21/15 11:47AM

I play along with the charade/That doesn’t seem to be a reason to change/I feel so dirty when they start talking clues/Wanna tell them I’m a detective but I just get the blues/‘Cause she’s solving it with those eyes/Investigating with that brain, I just know it/I’m the true detective/And I wish that I had Jessie’s girl!

So, Who's Winning the Game of Thrones?

Max Read · 07/07/15 09:03AM

We know that in the game of thrones, you win or you die. And we know who’s dead. So...who’s winning? We’ve put together a comprehensive video tracking all five seasons of HBO’s grimly set jawline spectacular Game of Thrones, so that you can quickly and easily know who’s winning, and who’s dying.

Deadline Fights For White Peoples' Right To Be on TV

Aleksander Chan · 03/25/15 01:22PM

Broadcast networks are in the midst of casting the pilots from which they'll be picking their show lineups for the upcoming fall season, and Nellie Andreeva, Deadline's veteran TV writer, is worried. Why? Because, on the heels of minority-lead series seeing sky-high Nielsen ratings, television is in danger of becoming...too diverse.

Why No Lady Stoneheart, Game of Thrones?

Michelle Dean · 06/18/14 02:00PM

It is unquestionably insane to be angry at a television show. But check me into a padded room this week, I suppose. I am in a fight with Game of Thrones. (Beware to all who click here: I am about to seriously spoil anyone who hasn't read the books.)

The First Morning After

Jacob Clifton · 05/03/14 01:54PM

Everybody told me that New Yorkers were a bit harsh but I didn't really believe it, because I can't believe people really vary that much from place to place, that the differences between us are ever going to be as dramatic as the similarities. And of course, everybody was wrong. New Yorkers are great. In Texas we're nice because we don't know any better. But in New York, I found people everywhere who were kind, and helpful, and all the things everyone says they're not.