True Detective's New Trailer: More Clues About Who's the True Detective

Andy Cush · 05/14/15 06:10PM

Sometimes your worst self...is your best self. We get the world the deserve. This girl’s gone missing, and nobody cares. Eat my knife, wood. This is True Detective Season 2, and clues are piling up, the tension is mounting, and the detectives are getting truer. Are you ready? Are you? Ready?

True Detective Season 2 Trailer: Who Will Be the True Detective?

Andy Cush · 04/09/15 02:58PM

Courtesy of HBO, here's your first glimpse of True Detective Season 2, a forthcoming television event based on a popular Twitter meme. True Detective's first iteration kept devoted fans guessing at the identity of the true detective until the final episode—and we can only guess the show's extremely likable creator will repeat that winning strategy the second time around. Who will be the true detective in True Detective Season 2?