So You Think You Can Dance Ends Season With First Good Flash Mob Ever

LaToya Ferguson · 09/04/14 10:00AM

The votes are in, and America has crowned its Favorite Dancer. But before they could crown said dancer, So You Think You Can Dance had to fill about two hours of air time. So watch and experience a version of the world where flash mobs aren't all terrible.

So You Think You Can Dance Routine Weirdly Incorporates Fake Blindness

LaToya Ferguson · 08/28/14 11:50AM

Last night, the Top Four dancers on this season of So You Think You Can Dance danced their hearts out. As always, some performances were better than others, but only one performance involved a dancer dancing her eyes out. Watch as tappers Valerie and Zack perform a contemporary routine all about how love can truly bring you to your senses.

SYTYCD Serves Up a Surprisingly Moving "Dirty Diana" Routine

LaToya Ferguson · 08/14/14 11:25AM

Did you hear the news? Happiness has been canceled. So watch (through your tears over the elimination) as dear, sweet Rudy and his All-Star Allison dance a Fatal Attraction-esque (and sad—don't forget sad) jazz routine to Michael Jackson's "Dirty Diana."

Watch the SYTYCD Routine Tara Lipinski Calls “Unreal”

LaToya Ferguson · 08/07/14 11:15AM

Last night, the top 10 performers on this season of So You Think You Can Dance got to perform alongside the All-Stars, aka the dancers America knows already and have been waiting for this whole season. Watch as pin-up girl Jessica and a youth-challenged tWitch take the stage.

SYTYCD Inadvertently Asks The Question: “Yo, Is This Racist?”

LaToya Ferguson · 07/31/14 09:19AM

This week's So You Think You Can Dance gave us a bumping hip hop routine in an otherwise average episode. Unfortunately, a little bit of cultural appropriation (which goes a long way) in the form of a witch doctor and a voodoo doll was the origin of said routine.

Jason Derulo Makes an Ass of Everyone on So You Think You Can Dance

LaToya Ferguson · 07/03/14 02:45PM

Last night, So You Think You Can Dance celebrated its 200th episode with a musical performance by singer/songwriter/choreographer/guest judge/derrière aficionado, Jason Derulo. Take a look as he performs his one-track minded single, "Wiggle," alongside a "just happy to be collecting a paycheck" Snoop Dogg.

Justin Bieber and Other Dick Jokes, On SYTYCD

LaToya Ferguson · 06/12/14 02:20PM

Everyone on So You Think You Can Dance (even super stoned Bieber) is really good at what they do (what Bieber "does" is get super stoned), and it's equal parts enviable and awesome.

A Reminder Justin Bieber Is Garbage But The Rest Of SYTYCD Is Not

LaToya Ferguson · 06/05/14 12:00PM

So You Think You Can Dance is the type of show where a dancer who goes by the stage name "Marie Poppins" not only isn't a walking punchline, she's fucking awesome. The episode saved her for last, for obvious reasons, but there are no such rules about waiting to show the best part of the show here at Morning After. Roll the tape:

Orphans and Strippers and Bieber, Oh My! SYTYCD Is Back

LaToya Ferguson · 05/30/14 08:00AM

So You Think You Can Dance is back for its 11th season, and when Cat Deeley reminds us that the show has been on "every summer for the past decade," it's hard not to be amazed. It's also hard not to feel ancient and decrepit, especially in comparison to all of the 18-year-olds auditioning for a chance at to be crowned America's Favorite Dancer. Yes, the chances of this season's winner not being able to legally drink are fairly high, so the rest of us adults should drink to that.