Let's Appreciate Farrah Abraham's Wild, Brilliant, Self-Destructive Run on Big Brother

Jay Hathaway · 09/30/15 09:30AM

Farrah Abraham acquired her celebrity status (such as it is) in the most American way possible: she progressed from Teen Mom reality show to Backdoor Teen Mom unreality sex tape. So her role as the American Bad Guy on the latest season of the U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother, which she left earlier this month in a flurry of verbal and physical violence, was a natural one for her. Love her or hate her, she played it perfectly.

Everything You Need to Remember to Prepare for Game of Thrones Season 5

Max Read · 04/08/15 11:02AM

Game of Thrones is a sadistically complicated show, and if you haven't watched or thought about it in a year, you've probably forgotten everything that happened last season. Where's Arya? Where's Jaime? Where's Bran? (A tree.) Our video will answer your geographical, narrative, and existential questions about the series in two minutes almost exactly.