Are You Like, "So What? Who Cares?" About Living Amongst Roaches?

Rich Juzwiak · 11/02/15 02:40PM

There’s this guy Kyle on the currently airing third season of TLC’s harrowing 90 Day Fiance who is terrifyingly blasé about his New Orleans house’s cockroach infestation. He chalks it up to the fact that he lives in a “bachelor pad” and seems only concerned about it because it bothers his fiance Noon, who has moved from Thailand to be with him. (She’s in the States on a K-1 or “fiance” visa, which requires her to marry Kyle after 90 days if she’s to stay in the country—hence the show’s name.)

UnREAL Creator Sarah Gertrude Shapiro Talks Feminism and The Bachelor 

Allie Jones · 08/03/15 02:17PM

The season finale of UnREAL, a brilliantly dark satirical drama about a Bachelor-style reality show, airs tonight. For those who haven’t been watching (what are you watching...True Detective?), the show follows reality TV producer Rachel, who is struggling to reconcile her job manipulating female contestants on the dating competition show “Everlasting” with her feminist beliefs.

Watch a Black Gay Dance Team Prance Past Jeering Bigots in Alabama

Rich Juzwiak · 04/23/15 11:10AM

Last night, Oxygen debuted The Prancing Elites Project, a reality show about an “all male black gay dance team from Mobile, Alabama.” While the Prancing Elites have found viral success via their j-setting routines (“It’s like a cheerleading and voguing combined in one with a lot of pelvic thrusting,” explains Elite Adrian on their dance style), back at home they face open bigotry of the “You’re going to hell and I’m going to say that right to your face” variety.

Top Chef Contestant Says Show Destroyed Him With Psychological Torture

Jay Hathaway · 01/26/15 02:35PM

Seth Caro, the famously volatile Top Chef Just Desserts contestant who dropped out of season one back in 2010 after suffering an anxiety attack during filming, says there was more to his departure from the show than a meltdown over having to use Breyer's ice cream instead of making his own. He told the New York Post that the show's producers put him through what amounts to psychological torture:

"Are We Making The Right Choice?" Asks Couple About to Fuck in Box on TV

Jay Hathaway · 01/22/15 05:25PM

Sex Box, the "tame, polite, slightly awkward at times and, overall, just dull" British TV series about couples having sex in a ... wait for it ... box, is finally coming to America. WE tv (which is apparently an actual network) has billed it as "the boldest show on TV" and promised "couples will have sex in this box for the first time ever." Good. Nobody wants to fuck in a used sex box.