Rachel Dolezal Receives Standing Ovation for Admitting She Was Born White

Rich Juzwiak · 11/02/15 12:58PM

Rachel Dolezal is still up to her old tricks—chiefly, identifying as black and saying little beyond that when questioned about virtually anything—per her appearance on today’s episode of The Real, the View-style roundtable talk show whose panel is made up entirely of women of color. God knows why Dolezal appeared on the show—her internet-breaking notoriety earlier this year now seems several lifetimes ago. Certainly, the women on the panel came ready to hand Dolezal her ass.

The Nightly Show Goes in on "Crazypants White Lady" Rachel Dolezal

Jay Hathaway · 06/16/15 10:05AM

If you had to invent the ideal news story for Larry Wilmore’s hit-and-miss Nightly Show, you couldn’t do any better than “crazypants white lady pretends to be black.” On Monday, Wilmore finally got to step up to the tee that Rachel Dolezal spent all weekend (or her entire life up to this point, really) setting up for him.