Ann Coulter, You Got Served (by Tavis Smiley)

Rich Juzwiak · 09/10/15 10:27AM

“Let me just say up front: I hope that this conversation can be as much about humanity and dignity as it is about politics and polling, because I want to try to better understand to the extent that I can...the motivation behind your rhetoric and that of Donald Trump and some others,” is how Tavis Smiley kicked off his interview with Ann Coulter that ran on last night’s episode of his eponymous talk show. Smiley never deviated from his m.o., and Coulter articulated her caustic rich-white-woman rhetoric as clearly and sharply as ever. The result was a spirited, truly compelling half hour of TV.

How Do We View Black Men in Society? Issa Rae's New Web Show Asks

Jason Parham · 01/21/15 04:47PM

Issa Rae, the wunderkind web TV producer behind "Awkward Black Girl" and founder of Color Creative, debuted a new web series that plays on the conventional, typically shallow, fears people often have about black men: that they are all savage, rap-loving, violent subhumans. The show, titled "The Legend of Human Black Guy," follows the day-t0-day travails of one very tall, bearded, affable black twenty-something as he goes to work, visits friends, and deals with the burden of his projected outsiderness.