We Only Have One More Episode of Parenthood Left In Our Entire Lives

Kelly Conaboy · 01/23/15 09:20AM

Even if we live for one thousand years, our skin rotting from our bones, our mouths emptied of tongue and teeth, our eyeballs as dry as after two nights of accidental contacts sleep, we will never again live another week during which we can say, "There's a new Parenthood next week." To everything turn, turn, turn. There is a Zeek, turn, turn, turn. And another Zeek—a baby Zeek this time. Congratulations are in order.

TV Show Asks if It's OK for Some Jerk to Slap Someone Else's Asshole Kid

Jay Hathaway · 01/19/15 06:45PM

There's almost nothing that drives more internet outrage and ALL CAPS comments than a story about some dickwad interfering with the way other dickwads raise their insufferable, asshole children. A news story about a man slapping someone else's kid would be Facebook gold, so, because Facebook Gold is now the world's dominant reserve currency, NBC just took a fictional one and turned it into a miniseries.

Julia and Joel Smiling Together Again, La La La, on Parenthood

Kelly Conaboy · 01/16/15 10:52AM

Julia and Joel are back together, Max got a buncha old dusty film and he loves it, Ray Romano built a thing, Zeek is in fact angry with Drew but will probably not carry the anger to his grave: everything's looking up for our Bravermans! Oh except for Adam.

Apocalypse Now: Come Watch and Talk Peter Pan With Us

Aleksander Chan · 12/04/14 07:45PM

We thought the day might never come, but here we are: It's December 4, the Lord's Year Two-Thousand and Fourteen, and NBC's live production of Peter Pan starring broken facial expression Allison "Hate-Watch" Williams is upon us. Join us as we gander at this slowly-unspooling catastrophe. Share in the hate, justify your love, and tell us everything you're feeling.

Everyone Should Hate-Watch Peter Pan

Aleksander Chan · 11/20/14 03:40PM

Allison Williams, who normally plays a total Marnie on Girls, knows how you're going to watch Peter Pan on NBC Dec. 4 (hate-watch, duh) and she wants you to know: don't! Allison Williams, please do not tell me what to do.

Everybody's Barfing and Screaming on This Week's Parenthood

Kelly Conaboy · 10/31/14 09:30AM

Parenthood jumped ahead three months last night, in case you missed the title card and wondered why all the new sitcoms were canceled, the cars were flying, and Max was my son now. 'Cause the time jump! Zeek is still alive—good for him—and Amber is much more pregnant than when we last saw her. Everyone else is so much the same that it almost feels like somebody forgot to tell them it was three months in the future.

On Parenthood, It's Drew's Skull Bong Now

Kelly Conaboy · 10/24/14 09:15AM

An app developer isn't cool with dating a young pregnant gal (even though she's also pregnant with app ideas), Max is a burgeoning pick up artist, and Crosby doesn't wanna be a daddy anymore on this week's Parenthood.

On Parenthood, Max and a Girl Sitting in a Tree A-S-P-E-R-G-E-(R'S)

Kelly Conaboy · 10/17/14 09:50AM

This week on Parenthood, Ray Romano thinks we care about his drama with Betsy Brandt, Zeek won't even walk around the damn couch, Crosby is obsessed with killing himself on a motorcycle all of a sudden, and Max likes the new girl at Chambers. Aww. Max, I love you! Be my son!

A Very Recent History of Real-Life Couples on TV

Adam Carlson · 10/14/14 08:00AM

NBC's new comedy Marry Me, premiering tonight, is written by Happy Endings' David Caspe and, like that show, stars his wife Casey Wilson. It's important that you know Caspe and Wilson are married; should you not, they will remind you—it's the hook of lots of their press coverage. But this sort of thing isn't new, the schmoozing or the romantic love that is its nougat. Will it work? It could! Here are more recent examples of couples who make are making it work, before and behind the camera.

Zeek’s Looking Strong on Parenthood and, Ugh, Ryan Is Back

Kelly Conaboy · 10/10/14 09:45AM

God damnit. Amber, what's wrong with you? And Zeek, what's wrong with you? Just kidding, I know what's wrong with you, Zeek—your heart! I guess it could be said that, this week, both you and Amber have problems with your hearts. Except, Amber, yours is also largely a problem with your brain. Girl. What's wrong with your brain?

First Great Medical Drama ER Turns 20 Today

Adam Carlson · 09/19/14 07:00AM

ER turns 20 today and usually we are still talking about ER because it is the First Great Medical Drama, the Last Great Network Drama (30+ million viewers weekly), or because reruns, you know? But its most sustained success was the cast, exceptional from the beginning and over 15 seasons, including more than 25 principals.

Last Night's American Ninja Warrior Continues The Year of Denver

Adam Carlson · 08/05/14 12:00PM

Of all the people and places that American Ninja Warrior has been to/lionized, I would not immediately say that Denver would be the best place with the best people but here we are, more than halfway through The Year of Denver.

​Kris Jenner Finally Speaks Up About The O.J. Simpson Trial

LaToya Ferguson · 06/12/14 11:15AM

If you thought there was nothing more to add to a 20 year old bullshit murder case (I'm sorry, "American legal theater"), you obviously never thought about how it affected the Kardashian matriarch. Luckily, Dateline NBC finally gives the people—every single one of the people—what they secretly wanted.