Kanye West Wants Keeping Up With the Kardashians To Look More Like Kubrick

Rich Juzwiak · 09/21/15 09:24AM

“What if we did a shot right at the end, so you could see the entirety?” Kanye West suggested to a cameraman on last night’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians during a scene shot at an Armenian art school. And then, to a workshop leader, he explained: “They’re shooting my wife’s show and I keep on, like, asking them to shoot it like it’s Stanley Kubrick.” The resulting shot doesn’t quite achieve the one-point perspective Kanye was going for...

Kanye West: "I Have Decided in 2020 To Run for President"

Rich Juzwiak · 08/30/15 09:58PM

After a long and winding acceptance speech at the VMAs about bros, trophies, the importance of ideas, the hazards of brands, and MTV’s profiting off his unhinged behavior, Kanye West signed off by announcing that he plans to run for president in the election after next. While you could easily make the argument that West’s shocking finale negated much of what he had just preached about, it’s still a great mic drop. It’s so great, in fact, that if he doesn’t actually end up running for president, no one is going to hold it against him. Well played.

Why Did SNL's 40th Anniversary Special Suck?

Leah Finnegan · 02/16/15 03:45PM

I grew up in a Saturday Night Live household. My parents watched, or taped (!), the show pretty much every week. Certain characters infiltrated our daily lives: Toonces the driving cat, Pat the ambiguously gendered shop clerk, anything Steve Martin did. (The Jerk, though not an SNL persona, is to this day is my dad's favorite movie. He likes to go up to any chair and say: "All I need is this chair," doing his best Navin R. Johnson impression.)