How to Get Away with Murder Gets Away With Less Than Usual

Alexander Hardy · 10/10/14 09:50AM

Last night's How To Get Away With Murder was dedicated to the loser in you. Methinks the outpouring of losses, disses, and betrayals was a bit of karma for the gang's acts of terribleness, both revealed and unrevealed.

How to Get Away with Murder: I Stab You Because I Love You

Alexander Hardy · 10/03/14 11:10AM

This week, Annalise Keating is tasked with defending a flippant billionaire accused of stabbing his second wife to death in their home. Max St. Vincent, Sir Creepy McCreepington, is inconvenienced by this whole murder trial business and enlists Annalise to make this annoying charge go away.

How to Get Away With Murder Gets Away With Primetime Analingus

Alexander Hardy · 09/25/14 11:16PM

While last night's series premiere of the sleek and sexy legal thriller How To Get Away With Murder as part of the Shonda Rhimes Thursday triple-header gave the network its highest-rated Thursday night in five years, with 14 million viewers at the 10 pm hour alone, the true cause for celebration is much simpler:

Why Shonda Rhimes Rules ABC's Thursday Nights

Alexander Hardy · 09/25/14 12:00PM

As Avirex jackets and sweat pants replace tube tops and skort sets, we welcome the arrival of another barrage of good, terrible, and Tyler Perry television to love, hate and live-tweet each night. From ill-advised sassy Black makeover shows to cancelation-hungry cooking competitions, you'll have plenty of opportunities this fall to behold the maiden voyages of many a sinking ship. There is plenty of abysmal to go around. Don't you fret.