Top Chef Open Thread: The Season Finale

Ned Frey · 02/11/15 03:00PM

Welcome to our season-ending chat-a-palooza. Will Gregory "Tall Urkel" Gourdet take home the top prize tonight? Or will it be Mei "Unresolved Family Issues" Lin? Join us as we watch the show, discuss the unfolding events and experience the final outcome together!

Top Chef Open Thread, Week 13

Ned Frey · 01/28/15 03:00PM

Bienvenida a nuestro chat de grupo! The Top Chef action heads to Mexico in tonight's episode — which starts at 9 pm Eastern (note new time) — and our open-thread chat will get underway in the comments soon. Únete a nosotros!

Top Chef Open Thread, Week 12

Ned Frey · 01/21/15 03:00PM

Welcome to the "You're Probably Too Late" edition of our weekly open thread: Because Bravo decided to air tonight's Top Chef episode one hour earlier than usual (at 9 pm Eastern), many of you will show up here to live-chat just as the show is ending, at 10. And when that happens, the only fitting response will be to glare at the TV, shake your fist and shout: "Curse you and your scheduling shenanigans, Bravo!"

Top Chef Open Thread, Week 10

Ned Frey · 01/07/15 03:00PM

Following a three-week hiatus, Top Chef finally returns with a new episode tonight — which means it's time to party! I'm not talking about Padma-style partying (although a little of that certainly wouldn't hurt, if you're so inclined) — I'm talking about chat partying. Join us!

Tuesday Night TV Has Given Up on the Cinema Altogether

Jacob Clifton · 12/23/14 03:10PM

Tonight on TV you've got musical spectaculars for every taste, if you are among the lonely, and if you aren't there's a bunch of murders, an abundance of nuns, and the end of all secrets.

Your Guide to the Best TV All Weekend Long

Jacob Clifton · 12/19/14 04:00PM

What makes this weekend different from all other weekends? It's blurry and has no distinct edges, no set beginning, no set ending. Everything from here forward is amorphous, and unfortunately that's true of our entertainment as well: Slim pickings, throughout the next week. Luckily you also have the Weekend Stream, for things already available, and of course our guides to what's arriving and what's leaving on Netflix at the New Year, so that should help.

​Thursday Night TV's Rolling With Some Beefy New Protection

Jacob Clifton · 12/18/14 04:31PM

Tonight on TV we got a plane to Hawai'i, shiny pretty lady hair, some season and series and TBD finales, and a good deal of mayhem pretty much start to finish. Also, NBC and People magazine make for a very sad pair, but at least they do it with conviction.

Wednesday Night TV Didn't Plan to See That Shitty-Looking Movie Anyway

Jacob Clifton · 12/17/14 03:35PM

Tonight's television offers some big reality finales, a few Christmas specials, and more than your fair share of murders by the victims' loved ones. Not a lot of scripted, although genre dramas have some big moments coming and I guess if you like netlet off-brand sitcoms you're taken care of.

Monday Night TV Is Ready to Roll

Jacob Clifton · 12/15/14 05:02PM

Tonight's TV brings you the future, space adventures, a guy with a sex dungeon, and a noticeable amount of people who their dream is singing. Big night for singin' dreams.

Your Guide to This Weekend's Best TV

Jacob Clifton · 12/12/14 04:40PM

This weekend on TV Barbara Walters tells you which exactly ten people are fascinating, the Newsroom finally ends as gracefully as it ran, Homeland hits its penultimate hour, and two great Fox comedies head into the winter break.

​Thursday Night TV Not Afraid to Get Political, Just Doesn't Enjoy It

Jacob Clifton · 12/11/14 05:13PM

Tonight on TV it's a bunch more fall finales, some mean or sad vampires, hungry folks, homespun tales of Offerman wisdom, and predictions of mayhem. Also Dexter from Dexter sits down with Olivia Munn from the G4 Channel for a frank talk about naughty subjects.

Everything Good Airing on Television Tonight

Jacob Clifton · 12/10/14 05:09PM

Tonight we've got male models, fall finales galore, Taylor Swift's cat, and the Queen of All Goat Cheese comes clean about her queendom. I've decided that superfans of Dandy Mott should call ourselves FandyTHOTs. That's what's working for me right now.

Tuesday Night TV Is One Long List of Starbucks Lovers

Jacob Clifton · 12/09/14 04:49PM

Tonight it's all about the Liars, the Bad Girls, the Wild Cards; the gifted youths and Canadians of the chef world. Fingernails, mutants, and superheroes (and supermodels!) just going to town on one another. Billy Eichner, Julia Stiles, Sandra Bernhard and Special Guest Angelina Jolie are sure to brighten up the place, because who doesn't find each and every one of those people delightful as hell.

Monday Night TV Is Getting Real Tired of Learning Stuff

Jacob Clifton · 12/08/14 05:47PM

Tonight's TV is ramping up the holiday cheer on basic network, but getting kind of freaky on the premium channels. That's just America for you, I suppose. I didn't think anything could be worse than the pee-stealing man from last week's Criminal Addiction, but this kid tonight never had a chance. Makes me sad.