Rooting for TV's Longest-Running Gay Marriage to Fail

Alexander Hardy · 10/24/14 11:15AM

Last night's Grey Anatomy saw Callie and Arizona airing their many, many, many grievances in couple's therapy, where their cup o' marital problems finally runneth all the way over.

Why Shonda Rhimes Rules ABC's Thursday Nights

Alexander Hardy · 09/25/14 12:00PM

As Avirex jackets and sweat pants replace tube tops and skort sets, we welcome the arrival of another barrage of good, terrible, and Tyler Perry television to love, hate and live-tweet each night. From ill-advised sassy Black makeover shows to cancelation-hungry cooking competitions, you'll have plenty of opportunities this fall to behold the maiden voyages of many a sinking ship. There is plenty of abysmal to go around. Don't you fret.

Cristina Yang Saves The World, on Grey's Anatomy

Jacob Clifton · 05/16/14 12:29PM

Against the backdrop of a disaster that is capricious as it is confusing, Yang's oft-promised farewell—how can we miss you if you never leave?—was, appropriately, back-burnered in different (and poignant) ways for each of the other characters in her immediate orbit.

Bubble Boys and Bionic Buttholes, on Grey's Anatomy

Jacob Clifton · 05/09/14 10:21AM

Somewhere along the line, the interns got the (coy, meta) idea that one of them won't be returning "next year," meaning next season on the show that they are on. This causes Jo Wilson to break into an ugly rash and act like a fucking Kepner-level lunatic all day, Shane to who even cares about Shane, Leah to belch in front of a farting ballerina, and Stephanie Edwards to continue ramping up toward her ultimate fate of becoming one of the series' all-time classic characters. Mark my words. Leah was my favorite and Jo is clearly already indelible, but Most Improved of 2014 definitely goes to Edwards, who went from parsley to main course in like five episodes.