Did Luke Really Make "Good" Coffee on Gilmore Girls? An Investigation

Kelly Conaboy · 09/11/15 08:45AM

Coffee played an integral role in the early-2000s mother-daughter psychodrama Gilmore Girls, and Luke Danes, the town’s dinerman, was its primary purveyor. Much was made throughout the series about how Luke brewed “the best coffee in town,” but was his coffee really any good? Hmm. A great question.

Your Boyfriend's Guide to Gilmore Girls

Kelly Conaboy · 10/01/14 12:20PM

Every season of Gilmore Girls was released on Netflix today and it's so nice that your boyfriend has agreed to watch all seven of them with you, from start to finish. (I know—he's going to love it!) Before you guys start binging, feel free to pass him this guide. I know he hates reading, unlike Jess, ugh, god, why couldn't he be more like Jess, but I swear it's not that long!

Your Guide to Binge-Watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix

Kelly Conaboy · 09/30/14 08:00AM

Gilmore Girls, the perfect series that continues to bring together girls who thought they were smart in high school, is coming to Netflix tomorrow. Every episode, every pop culture reference, and every town event will soon be more accessible than coffee at Luke's Diner, when Luke and Lorelai are not in a fight. Here's how to navigate your binge-watching.

Devious Maids and the Case for Guilt-Free Camp

LaToya Ferguson · 06/23/14 04:15PM

Two seasons in, Lifetime's Devious Maids has tackled premeditated murder, closeted homosexuality, extramarital affairs, accidental murder, spousal drugging, wrongful accusations, schemes to achieve fame, blackmail, burglary, abuse of the elderly, and attempted murder. It's a primetime soap, through and through. It could quite possibly be one of the best shows on television.