Opportunistic Duggar Cousin Chooses "Music Career" Over Breeding

Lily Sparks · 11/26/14 01:00PM

What to do with Amy Duggar, the little Duggar that could? The whole hour of Tuesday's 19 Kids & Counting was lavished on Amy's pursuit of a music career, from her performance on board the Branson Belle showboat to singing to a room of Nashville music executives to her brand new music video (oh yes, there's footage below.)

Even Fetuses Can't Escape Rigid Gender Roles on 19 Kids and Counting

Lily Sparks · 11/19/14 12:25PM

19 Kids and Counting pulled the ole bait and switch on us Tuesday night, spending the whole hour with second-generation Duggars including oldest son Josh, his wife Anna and their tiny micro-family of just three kids. But at least they were headed somewhere cool: a gender reveal party!

Would You Take Jill Duggar's Relationship Advice?

Lily Sparks · 06/04/14 12:00PM

On this week's 19 Kids And Counting finale: After three months of courting Jill, Derick Dillard proposed marriage to Jim Bob Duggar. It was a moment Jim Bob had been waiting for all his life, the two prayed rapturously, and then Derick set up a lunch date with Jill and two of her sisters to see how she felt about the whole thing.