Famous Racist Vogues 

Rich Juzwiak · 10/20/15 11:50AM

Paula Deen, a famous racist, vogued last night on Dancing With the Stars. Voguing is a style of dance that was created and cultivated for the most part by black and Latin gay men and trans women. (See Paris Is Burning.) It was then mainstreamed by Madonna, whose Marie Antoinette-inspired performance at the 1990 VMAs Deen attempted to replicate.

New Dancing With the Stars Stars Still Not Actually Stars

Jacob Clifton · 09/04/14 09:50AM

This good morning's Good Morning America introduced us to the titular "stars" from the title of the show Dancing with the Stars, a more elastic term than ever. One day everybody will be a star and we can all dance whenever we want, but until that revolutionary disrupt of the human/dancer binary, here's a list, partners included: