Peter Pan Live Was the Worst Three-Hour Drag Show We've Ever Seen

Aleksander Chan · 12/04/14 11:25PM

Good God. NBC's live production of Peter Pan was not at all what we had hoped for: Props falling, props falling on Allison Williams or Christopher Walken, someone forgetting their lines and doing an Ashlee Simpson jig. No, instead we were forced to endure a three-hour college musical theater show whose dullness was punctuated with impressive gayness.

Apocalypse Now: Come Watch and Talk Peter Pan With Us

Aleksander Chan · 12/04/14 07:45PM

We thought the day might never come, but here we are: It's December 4, the Lord's Year Two-Thousand and Fourteen, and NBC's live production of Peter Pan starring broken facial expression Allison "Hate-Watch" Williams is upon us. Join us as we gander at this slowly-unspooling catastrophe. Share in the hate, justify your love, and tell us everything you're feeling.

Everyone Should Hate-Watch Peter Pan

Aleksander Chan · 11/20/14 03:40PM

Allison Williams, who normally plays a total Marnie on Girls, knows how you're going to watch Peter Pan on NBC Dec. 4 (hate-watch, duh) and she wants you to know: don't! Allison Williams, please do not tell me what to do.

Only 35 Days Until a Deranged Allison Williams Is Peter Pan on NBC

Aleksander Chan · 10/30/14 12:00PM

NBC's live production of beloved children's story Peter Pan, starring Brian Williams' daughter, is almost here! December 4 will be the greatest day of your miserable goddamn life as Allison Williams flies across the screen with distracting wires shooting out of her like she's a strung up, dead fish.