Adam Levine is more than just the name behind a line of grunge clothing sold at Kmart in which he is seemingly otherwise completely uninvolved. He’s also the name behind a new NBC pilot about celebs surprising people at events in which he is seemingly otherwise completely uninvolved!

Imagine this: You’re at a significant life event—your wedding, your graduation, your funeral, your etc., your etc.—and there, among the faces of beloved friends, among the family members gathered from near and far in order to support you—you, someone they love unconditionally—is, hmm, oh shit, whaaaaaaat, oh no, you gotta be kidding me—come on, WHAT—

—It’s someone from TV, or another thing! A person that you like, maybe, or at least know, and by know I mean recognize! The logline, via Page Six:

“A couple about to get married suddenly discovers that a world famous recording artist is leading the house band. An Emmy Award-winning actor becomes an unexpected guest of a bachelorette party. Working with a team of improv experts who create the element of surprise, these stars give their fans a moment together they will never forget and turn their already special event into something extraordinary.”

The pilot, currently titled The Untitled Adam Levine Show, is reportedly inspired by Maroon 5’s “Sugar” video, which featured the band “surprising” people at their weddings. It was later revealed that the video was staged, which is lucky for anyone having a wedding, but also makes you think: what are we doing here.

Page Six reports Adam Levine is currently on board as executive producer, but it is unclear at this point whether or not he will appear in the series.

Guess you’ll have to use another eyelash wish.

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