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Accuracy is the best thing about Silicon Valley. Anyone who's spent any time in the Bay Area tech scene will wince at how well the show's writers have nailed the culture of nerd despair and hubris. This season, some of the jokes are so dead-on that it's hard to even consider them jokes.

Last night's season premiere of Silicon Valley was heavy on venture capitalists, which meant a large dose of venture capitalist bullshit-speak. This is satire-ripe to the point of engorged—but during the show I had multiple Wait, this is actually how they talk moments. During one VC meeting, the PiedPiper boys are told "You see, our main concern is how you're going to achieve escape velocity, on your growth rate, hit critical mass." How do you lampoon this strain of jargon-jackass whose defining feature is a zero self-awareness? Somewhere right now, right now, actual, not-on-HBO venture capitalist is saying that exact phrase.

Take this funeral monologue by Gavin Belson, eulogizing a fellow investor:

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Now, compare that to this incomprehensible speech delivered by Asana CEO Josh Rosenstein:

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To make the bullshit-speak connection all the more explicit, HBO actually brought Rosenstein in for a eulogy cameo. Based on his tweet today, it's unclear whether Rosenstein even realized his software bubble worldview was being made fun of:

Silicon Valley is a terrific and funny show that will probably continue to be terrific and funny, but the writing is so truthful that the targets, heads firmly up asses, will probably never get it.

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