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Robert "I Did Not Kill My Best Friend; I Did Dismember Him" Durst has admitted to lying several times over the course of HBO's magnificent docuseries The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst. (If you haven't been watching, what are you doing with your life? Go binge right now to catch up in time for Sunday's series finale.) He also maintains that he is innocent in the deaths of his wife Kathie Durst, his best friend Susan Berman, and his other best friend, Morris Black. Do not trust this man. If he offers you candy on the street, run the other away. If you find him hiding under your bed, burn down your house.

Durst has funny habit of saying something outlandish (usually to the tune of "I didn't do it") and then blinking so hard his body shudders. Check above for a supercut of examples. Why does he do this? Is it a general tic or one brought on by lying? Is it because, according to one commenter on the Los Angeles Times's site:

Bobby was wearing Japanese "Doe Eyes" contact lenses. They are designed to make you look like a baby deer, or innocent. The whites of the eyes are reduced.

In this case it made the person under interview blink frequently.

Or maybe he's just an insane liar. Yeah, I think that's it.