Tracy Morgan Returns to Emmys: "I've Started To Feel Like Myself Again"

Rich Juzwiak · 09/20/15 10:17PM

“Shout out to Tracy Morgan, we’ll see you next year, Tracy,” Jimmy Kimmel said at last year’s Emmy Awards, and would you look at that? He was right. Morgan was the “very special guest” at this year’s Emmys and his return to the awards show’s stage to present Best Drama was the highlight of the snoozy ceremony.

Ariana Grande Has Found Her True Calling: Doing Impressions of Pop Singers 

Rich Juzwiak · 09/16/15 08:58AM

It’s one thing to do a good bleating Britney. It’s another to possess the vocal power to do a I’m-singing-this-from-the-bottom-of-my-balls-which-is-crazy-because-I-don’t-have-balls Christina. But to be able to do a chirpy, hammy Celine Dion on top of them both? Unreal.

John Oliver: Your Right to an Attorney Is Mostly Theoretical

Jay Hathaway · 09/14/15 09:33AM

In the fair, just, and wise United States legal system, arrested individuals who are unable to pay for an attorney will have one provided to them at no cost. Americans can sleep well knowing we’re not animals who would make the neediest amongst us face the full resources of the state without a trained advocate. Just kidding! Here’s John Oliver to explain why the right to an attorney is basically just a mythical unicorn that farts apple-cinnamon rainbows.

Miss America CEO Apologizes to Vanessa Williams on Live Television

Rich Juzwiak · 09/13/15 08:43PM

In 1983, Vanessa Williams was the first black woman to be crowned Miss America, and about 10 months later she notoriously forfeited the title after Penthouse published nude photos of her that were shot in 1982. (Williams reportedly felt pressured by pageant officials to resign.) She went on to become the most successful Miss America of all time, as a recording artist and actor. Tonight, she’s back on the Miss America stage for the first time in 32 years as a judge.

Did Luke Really Make "Good" Coffee on Gilmore Girls? An Investigation

Kelly Conaboy · 09/11/15 08:45AM

Coffee played an integral role in the early-2000s mother-daughter psychodrama Gilmore Girls, and Luke Danes, the town’s dinerman, was its primary purveyor. Much was made throughout the series about how Luke brewed “the best coffee in town,” but was his coffee really any good? Hmm. A great question.

Behind the Scenes of the Uber Protest That Got Cut From Colbert's Show Last Night

Gabrielle Bluestone · 09/11/15 08:17AM

Last night Stephen Colbert brought on Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick as a guest and things didn’t go as you saw them on TV: according to reports, cab drivers disrupted the interview at least twice, prompting Colbert to address their concerns in a segment that was ultimately cut from the final broadcast.

Ann Coulter, You Got Served (by Tavis Smiley)

Rich Juzwiak · 09/10/15 10:27AM

“Let me just say up front: I hope that this conversation can be as much about humanity and dignity as it is about politics and polling, because I want to try to better understand to the extent that I can...the motivation behind your rhetoric and that of Donald Trump and some others,” is how Tavis Smiley kicked off his interview with Ann Coulter that ran on last night’s episode of his eponymous talk show. Smiley never deviated from his m.o., and Coulter articulated her caustic rich-white-woman rhetoric as clearly and sharply as ever. The result was a spirited, truly compelling half hour of TV.

Justin, Babe, Help a Guy Out; Fallon Brings Timberlake on to Tie Colbert in Ratings

Jay Hathaway · 09/10/15 08:57AM

In a week when Stephen Colbert’s debut is easily the biggest news in Late Night, what’s reigning ratings champ Jimmy Fallon’s strategy for holding onto the crown? Having Donald Trump on, when Colbert could only get Jeb! Bush, of course. But that’s not until Friday. On Wednesday night, Fallon dipped back into his show’s deepest, most reliable well, the History of Rap with Justin Timberlake, and came up with a sixth medley of hip-hop classics.

Was Letterman's Debut Episode Better Than Colbert's? Judge For Yourself 

Jordan Sargent · 09/09/15 03:05PM

The reviews of Stephen Colbert’s first episode of Late Show With Stephen Colbert are in. The verdict is: sure, this will do. But the future of the show will rest on how well Colbert can blend surrealism with affability, a formula perfected by his predecessor David Letterman from just about opening night 22 years ago.

What the Hell Was Stephen Colbert's Interview With Jeb Bush?

Jordan Sargent · 09/09/15 11:57AM

The quandary hovering over Stephen Colbert’s new late night television show—one addressed at length by the host himself during the inaugural episode—is how he will be able to transition from the political satire that made him famous into the sort of generalist humor that might make him more palatable to a wider (i.e. older) audience.

SOLVED!: The Mystery of Justin Bieber's VMA Tears

Rich Juzwiak · 09/03/15 11:15AM

When the dust settles, this year’s VMAs are bound to be remembered best for the bodily functions they captured: Taylor Swift’s pre-show fart, and Justin Bieber’s post-performance tears. While it was very clear to me that Bieber was impressed both with himself and his ability to impress the audience (very much like Chris Brown at the 2010 BET Awards), there was apparently a question as to why he cried and whether those tears came from a place of true emotion. Pop culture’s bastion of sincerity, Jimmy Fallon, was on the case during last night’s Tonight Show.