Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following a string of solid to extremely solid episodes, the final chapter of Homeland’s fourth season presented a strange mix of previously-unexplored domestic conflicts (such as Carrie’s mother showing up after skipping town 15 years prior), the awkward resurrection of Peter Quinn (who is finally Carrie’s new love interest), and very little of the action-heavy espionage that saved the season’s latter half.

Even the penultimate episode—in which a seemingly omniscient Carrie artfully dismantles Quinn’s bomb plot against Haissam Haqqani, then nearly shoots the same target in the head—supplied no hint that the season would be ending not in Islamabad, or the inner corridors of Langley, but a quiet neighborhood in Washington, D.C., where we see Carrie taking her daughter, Frannie, to the nearby park.

A few questions remain unanswered, however:

  • Why did Quinn leave for Syria, and what is he doing there?
  • Where is Saul Berenson going to end up?
  • What’s next for Carrie?
  • What will happen to the C.I.A. intelligence assets in Pakistan?

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