Warning: spoilers ahead.

After skipping a week, Homeland returned on Sunday night with a terrifically scary (and bloody) episode. Between the open-air gunfight among Carrie and Saul’s Marine handlers and several snipers in a nearby building in Islamabad, the simultaneous infiltration of the U.S. Embassy by Haissam Haqqani and his gunmen, and finally Director Lockhart’s decision to surrender the C.I.A.’s list of informants to Haqqani, the show temporarily dispensed with its cerebral themes for a fairly thrilling ride.

The chapter, titled “13 Hours in Islamabad,” also felt like the last one for the husband U.S. Ambassador Martha Boyd, Dennis, who leaked information about the Embassy’s security protocols to the ISI. The husband and wife appear during this episode’s most psychologically acute scene, in a secluded jail cell somewhere in the Embassy, where Dennis begs Martha to give him her belt so he that he can hang himself. Instead, Martha finds Dennis’ own belt and throws it on the floor just outside his cell. The gambit fails, and Martha eventually discovers Dennis sitting in an idling car outside the Embassy, surrounded by Marine guards. It’s unclear what happened.

Left unclear, too, are the fates of the C.I.A.’s informants, whose names Haqqani obtains from Lockhart after threatening to slit the throat of agency analyst Fara Sherazi. But the same scene contains a hint: After Lockhart hands over a box containing the list of informants, Haqqani stabs Sherazi in the back anyway.

What stood out to you? Let’s discuss below.

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