Happy election day, Canada! Congratulations on learning that today is Canadian election day, America! Here’s John Oliver explaining Canada’s three main political parties and making a last-minute plea to our friends to the north to dump “dickhead” conservative prime minister Stephen Harper.

Oliver explains how Harper is on the wrong side of every issue from immigration to marijuana to the environment, is in a terrible cover band with a French pun name and, because of Canada’s lack of term limits, has been in office for ten years.

But he can’t actually say “don’t vote Conservative,” because Canada has a law against foreigners telling Canadians how to vote. The offense is punishable by 6 months in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Good thing for Oliver, he has $5,000 Canadian to blow, and he has Mike Myers in a mountie costume driving a snowplow. Between the two of them, he can call Harper Islamophobic and tell him to fuck off.

If Harper’s party doesn’t win enough seats today, the next prime minister could be either a soul-patched, French-accented child named Justin, or awkward socialist candidate Tom Mulcair (motto: “healthcare, childcare, pharmacare ... Mulcair.”)

Can’t tell you how to vote, Canada, because I don’t have Oliver’s HBO budget, so I’ll just say “good luck with that” and “be happy they only campaigned for 78 days.”

[Last Week Tonight]