Jack Warner, the Trinidadian ex-FIFA official who was recently arrested for alleged bribe-taking as part of the U.S. Justice Department’s crackdown on soccer corruption, brazenly took out an ad in FIFA’s defense last week on Trinidad TV. John Oliver, who’s been following the scandal closely, bought some time of his own to respond.

Although Warner promised he’d turned over documents about his own FIFA dealings to “trusted hands,” Oliver isn’t confident that we’ll ever get to see them. He called on Warner not to “blue-ball” us, and just publicly release every document he has detailing FIFA’s comically blatant corruption.

That would indeed be nice, but as John Oliver trying to use Trinidadian slang would say, don’t ‘urt cha head, because telling the truth isn’t exactly Warner’s style. Some of the swindles he was accused of before he resigned to avoid an investigation in 2011 included trying to sell World Cup TV rights that he didn’t actually have, and promising England he would secure them the 2018 World Cup. (It went to Russia.)

Oh, and remember the time he cited The Onion to prove how much good FIFA has done for the United States? (It was last week.)

[h/t Daily Dot]