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In case you missed it, Adult Swim aired the "pilot" of Bag Boy on Friday, a fake sitcom starring John C. Reilly's awkward health correspondent character Steve Brule. If there were any justice in the world, Bag Boy would become the new "Too Many Cooks," as it expands on the viral clip's skewering of corny sitcom tropes, puppet animal sidekick and all.

As it stands, Bag Boy seems to have been mostly ignored—the full episode currently has just over 7,000 views on the Adult Swim site. It's perfect for fans of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, the commerce-obsessed comedy team who co-wrote the episode with Reilly. Bag Boy features a few members of Tim & Eric's stable of weirdos that they tend to parade out in their productions.

Bag Boy was awkward, weird, disgusting, and hilarious. Check it out in its entirety above. For a taste of its particular brand of weirdness, I have provided some screencaps and gifs below.