Parenthood is back, my friends, and everything is so fucked up but also nice.

We begin where we left off in November: Zeek is being taken by ambulance to the hospital—our poor baby Zeek—and Camille is scared—our poor baby Camille. What's going to happen? Is Zeek going to die? Eventually, yes. But not in this episode.

The children awake to blinking iPhones and head to the hospital. Amber hobbles in with her pregnant belly, full of child. Drew cannot start his car—the car his ailing grandfather built for him with his illiterate cousin—and punches the steering wheel. How dare you, Drew. What did the steering wheel ever do to you? Surely you don't think the steering wheel is keeping your car from starting. Drew.

Eventually, Joel, who slept with Julia, beautiful Julia, the night before, good, finally, shows up with coffee, and Ray Romano shows up with Drew. Ray Romano is off the hinges immediately. How can he help? How can he help? How can he help? Ray Romano, believe me—you've already done enough.

Like any television show where the family goes to a hospital, the hospital refuses to tell the Bravermans anything about Zeek's condition other than that he is sort of stable. Unlike any television show where the family goes to a hospital, someone broke into The Luncheonette!

Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or is it good? Maybe. Crosby and Adam head to the studio to check out the damage and, hahaha, oh my god, everything is gone. Who were these incredible thieves? A moving company? Did Adam hire a moving company so he could collect the insane amount of insurance money that will be provided to The Luncheonette, the information about which was available to him immediately after the insurance company seemingly took him at his word about the damage while he was on his cell phone at the hospital? Adam! Rude!

Now Adam and Crosby have to decide whether to take the insurance money and run or put it back into the failing Luncheonette. Adam, a man who has no reason in the world to want to run a failing recording studio, wants to take the insurance money. Crosby, a recording engineer, wants to put it back into the studio. Uh-oh.

Uh-oh again. When Julie and Joel go to see Zeek, his machine boops and he is rushed into surgery. When the family attacks Julia and Joel for information upon their return to the waiting room, Julia grasps for words while Joel explains information that there is no way he could have obtained in the manic rush to get Zeek into surgery because Joel is the perfect man and a doctor now apparently and Ray Romano is so jealous of him WHY WON'T ANYONE GIVE RAY ROMANO ANYTHING TO DO?

(Ray Romano helps Drew.)

God, what else. Grandpa, after he is rushed away, is still not doing so good. His doctor says he has three options but the second option is death and the third option is think about the first option some more, so really he only has one option: more surgery. Dang. He doesn't want more surgery. He didn't even want the first surgery!

God, what else. Oh. Haha. Ray Romano proposes to Sarah in the parking lot. Cool, romantic. He, in a very clear tribute to Gilmore Girls, tells Sarah he's "all in." She says maybe.

At the end, the moms have a little baby shower for Amber in the cafeteria. They go around and tell her mom advice. It is very sweet. Amber: you will be a good mom to New Zeek, I believe it. Drew will be a wonderful father.

Everyone was very supportive of each other in this episode and it was very nice, the end.

[image via NBC]