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Donald Trump was supposed to be a guest on tonight’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, but he pulled out last night for a “cryptic” reason, Kimmel reported on the show. Kimmel said that Trump’s people cited a “major political commitment” as the reason Trump pulled out.

Kimmel announced Trump’s cancelation early Tuesday on Howard Stern’s Sirius show. “We’re delighted, needless to say,” he quipped.

So Kimmel lost a guest but he gained about a minute’s worth of jokes at the would-be guest’s expense. Said Kimmel:

“I’m dying to know what this major political commitment was. Usually it means he had to go on CNN and call someone an idiot or something.”


“Why did he cancel? We told him there were cameras here, right?”


“Are Tuesday nights the nights he volunteers down at the orphanage?”


“But don’t worry, tonight we’re gonna give everyone in the audience a basketball dipped in cologne so you can fully experience what it would have been like had Donald Trump been here.”


“I will say, the good part about Donald Trump not being here is we don’t have to build a wall around Guillermo tonight,” said Kimmel, referring to his security guard-turned-sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez.


Trump’s no-show is probably just as well. Watching him get mocked this hard behind his back is nearly as entertaining as watching him get mocked to his face. And it was way more efficient this way, too.

Variety reports that Trump plans to make up the appearance:

Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks said, via email, “Unfortunately Mr. Trump now has a political obligation that will prevent him from joining as planned, but we have rescheduled to join in-studio in LA over the next few weeks.”