Last night’s Bachelorette episode featured the end of the made-up gay bachelors plot, the return of super-villain Nick Viall, and the group date we’ve all been waiting for: the rap battle.

The date—which I attended as an audience member back in March—was significantly edited for TV, duh.

The producers apparently chose to remove some of the rapping bachelors’ sickest burns from last night’s broadcast, but don’t worry: I remember them.

Only one bachelor got booed for his dumbass rap on last night’s episode—“J.J.” got a negative reaction for rapping that New York women are “hos”—but plenty more were jeered in real life. One such instance cut from the broadcast: the moment where one contestant rapped that another looked like a “rapist.” Guess The Bachelorette producers think women can handle being called professional sex workers, but men can’t handle the intimation that they look like they might be capable of committing sex crimes.

The biggest boo that didn’t make it to air, however, was when bachelor Justin rapped that bachelor Shawn B. looks like “Ryan Gosling with Down syndrome.” That little dig was cut completely. Perhaps because bachelorette Kaitlyn ended up giving Justin the rose later in the date?

Having experienced the episode both in the flesh and from my couch, my overall review of last night’s program is: lies. I did like the part, however, when guest rapper Doug E. Fresh said on camera that New York crowds are tough, so the bachelors better watch out. They’ll “throw shoes” at you, he insisted. Wish I’d thought of that.

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