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Ryan Murphy’s latest series, Scream Queens, premiered last night on Fox and the most shocking thing about the horror-comedy series is how good it was. The acting of the large ensemble was on point almost across the board—if Emma Roberts, the principal character and president of the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority the show focuses on, can keep up the pace, she’s headed for a tour de force. The script at times seemed like more of a worthy heir to Heathers than virtually anything that’s come in its wake attempting to recreate its magic—it’s that funny, that idiosyncratic, that nasty.

The scene above in which (spoiler alert) a certain contemporary pop singer was murdered, but not before having an absurd texting back-and-forth with her silent killer, made me laugh several times. I laughed especially hard at this:

Murphy shows have a reputation for starting strong and losing their way eventually (sometimes midseason, sometimes after a few seasons). I had so much fun with the first two hours of Scream Queens that I want to believe it will always bee that way—it’s everything Scream: The TV Series should have been.