Paula Deen, a famous racist, vogued last night on Dancing With the Stars. Voguing is a style of dance that was created and cultivated for the most part by black and Latin gay men and trans women. (See Paris Is Burning.) It was then mainstreamed by Madonna, whose Marie Antoinette-inspired performance at the 1990 VMAs Deen attempted to replicate.

Multi-generation Xeroxes obscure meaning. In her song, Madonna sang, to some people’s ire, “It makes no difference if you’re black or white / If you’re a boy or a girl.” In Paula Deen’s version, nothing makes any difference at all—that line was absent in the truncated version of the song that she “danced” to, and her entire appearance on this show was the latest stop on her buffoonish redemption tour.

“This week, our famous dance is Madonna’s infamous ‘Vogue,’” is how Deen set up her performance in the package that preceded it. “Madonna is a sexual icon, y’all. Don’t have not one thing in common. I don’t wear cones. I don’t pose in the nude. Nothing!”

Deen received 6’s across the board from the judges. She was eliminated at the end of the episode. Good riddance.