Chris D'Elia—star of NBC's horrible Undateable, known from NBC's horrible Whitney—visited host Josh Zepps on HuffPost Live yesterday for an interminable interview with the unexpected subject of: You! Specifically, ladies of the world, Chris has questions for you. Such as: Where do you get off? And, How dare you ladies disrespect the victims of misogyny and violence by sharing your direct experiences of misogyny, and violence?

While the Bieber props out the gate are a pretty good sign of what's to come, it doesn't get really weird until about 14 minutes in, when the host asks him to explain his bizarre Twitter trolling in the wake of the shootings a week ago in Isla Vista, CA.

"...I think that it's terrible that a lot of these people tweeting about this—using this hashtag—I think that it's a little bit shitty to what actually happened. I think that what happened was terrible, people died, and somebody's like, 'A guy looked at my butt, that's not cool, #yesallwomen'? I think that that's kind of rude to the people that lost their lives."

When asked whether the benign misogyny that pays his rent might have any connection at all to the observable atmosphere of objectification and entitlement in our country that frequently results in sexual assault and deadly violence, your new boyfriend Chris D'Elia doubles down:

"See you the fuck later! That's the most ridiculous thing I ever heard, dude. That's so fuckin' stupid."

It makes sense that the star of a fledgling sitcom entirely about man-boys who simply can’t understand why the women-machines won’t give them their sex prizes has a vested interest in misconstruing the #YesAllWomen movement. After all, his heavily promoted premiere aired less than a week after a massacre that re-centered our national dialogue around exactly the same bullshit the show's about. But why bother thinking or talking about any of that when you know you'll get a pass for taking it straight to the playground, in classic "Durr that's what you sound like" fashion?

Feminist poetry is alive and well on NBC Thursdays. Maya Angelou, you rest easy. We got this. The part I don’t get is, even with all the cred in the world, how you could make the jump from "entertainment doesn't create murderers" allllllll the way over to “women describing their own lives on Twitter are the real villains here.”

Or maybe I’m just dumb, what do I know? #notallmen starred on the abortive, retrograde shitstorm Whitney, I can’t presume to speak on his behalf. But one thing you have straight from the greasy horse’s mouth is this, ladies:

"Your sitcom would probably fall into that same category, right? Here's a dumb bro who objectifies women all the time..."

"Yeah. That is what it is."

So the next time you feel it would be constructive to help draw the obvious connection between everyday, casual misogyny and the direct sanction it offers violence against women, please try and remember that poor Chris D’Elia thinks you're being shitty, and should probably just shut the fuck up. Preferably on your couch, while you watch his dumb show for the five seconds it's gonna take to get canceled.

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