South Park delivered its highly anticipated episode addressing the Donald Trump “candidacy” for the “Republican” presidential nomination last night, and it was everything you thought it would be. Especially: violent.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are known for their (not inaccurate) view of the electoral process as “giant douche vs. turd sandwich,” but in this episode, they warn that if we don’t take our elections at least semi-seriously, Trump could be sworn in while we’re all still laughing at him.

Just look what happened in Canada, where President Trump told everyone to suck his balls and sent Canadian citizens fleeing across the border to America.

“He just said outrageous things,” a Canadian explains, “We thought it was funny. Nobody really thought he’d ever be president. It was a joke. But we just let the joke go on too long.”

The crucial scene, above, shows Mr. Garrison, who’s running for U.S. president on the real Donald Trump’s actual anti-immigration platform (“Where my country gone?”), sneaking into Canada to rape and kill Trump, allowing the Canadian refugees to go home.

“Did you hear the good news? The Canadian president has been fucked to death!”

South Park is South Park. Always.

[h/t Uproxx]