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Last night’s season finale of Unsung, TV One’s Behind the Music-esque docuseries spotlighting R&B and hip-hop artists, told the story of Kid ‘n Play, the PG-rated hip-hop duo that was popular in the late-‘80s/early-‘90s. As you may remember, Christopher “Kid” Reid rocked an iconic high-top fade early in his career through the first House Party movie—it turns out that maybe the only thing higher than Kid’s former hair is Kid himself.

“I’d smoke weed,” he said on the show. “That’s what I do. I’m a weed aficionado. OK? That’s what I smoke. All right? Look, I hang with Bill Maher, OK? Nuff said.” And then he giggled a weedy giggle.

Maher, who was interviewed for the show, more or less corroborated Kid’s story: “There certainly was no one in my long era of, shall we say, drinking and having fun in this town of Los Angeles that I did that more with than Chris Reid. I mean, we were an unholy terror from the mid-‘90s for at least 10 years.”

That was the buddy movie that should have followed the House Party trilogy. I love this platonic couple.

Reid and Maher’s relationship has been documented for years, though I didn’t quite understand how tight they were until Unsung. Reid wrote the Real Time with Bill Maher theme song and said this in New York’s 2012 profile of Maher:

What people of color like about Bill is his honesty...Black people can smell fear in white people. They’re like bloodhounds. When Bill and I hang out, and there are people of color around, they gravitate to him.

In that piece Maher returned the compliment by calling Reid, “in the best sense of the word, ‘hip.’” Awww! That’s so kind of him.

They’ve also been photographed a lot together throughout the years.

There they are in 2003.

That’s them in 2004 (Angela Bassett is on the left; leis are on their necks).

Did anyone order some Fergie? Good friends Christopher “Kid” Reid and Bill Maher did in 2007.

And there they are at a Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Lakers game earlier this year.

I don’t know if Christopher Reid and Bill Maher are best friends, but I do know they are the best friends.

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