Imagine it’s 2004 and you just finished filming Fat Albert with Bill Cosby. Now imagine Bill Cosby calls you over, pulls you in close. He’s going to tell you something important, wow, you’ve always wanted a celebrity mentor and now you have one. Can you believe it? Here it is, here’s the advice: “When this movie comes out you’re going to need two dicks because the women are going to be all over.” Ooookay.

Kenan Thompson, who refers to the story as “little indicators of things,” about Cosby has told the story before, but never on TV. (Thompson also allegedly told a college audience in January that when his mom visited the set, Cosby bounced her on his lap “and said something about horse riding like a kiddie.”)

Last night, Thompson elaborated on the story, telling Seth Meyers that spending time on set with Cosby was his first hint there was something off about the comedian.

“You know, weird-type stuff just goes in the back of your mind, like—that was just a—he’s a guy—it’s football season,” Kenan explains, before allowing Seth Meyers to RUIN the ending of the Usual Suspects. Truly despicable.

Also the Cosby stuff is pretty gross.

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