“Season 11, Week 6: Dublin, Ireland”: A Bachelorette episode which will live in infamy.

“Dublin” was last week’s episode of the seemingly unkillable reality show, in which wide-eyed viewers were treated to a stunning shot of a closed hotel room door overlaid with the eager sounds of Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe’s orgasmic moans. By having sex with one of her suitors before the pre-appointed (yet technically unofficial) sex dates in the Fantasy Suite, Bristowe was making not just love, but history.

See, usually—for those unfamiliar with the twisted workings of The Bachelor/Bachelorette—the show is set up like as follows: The Bachelor(ette) sets out to select a spouse from 25 horny contestants that he or she will send home one-by-one during the six-odd weeks the show films. When he or she narrows down the list of potential life partners to three, he or she will be granted the opportunity to have a private audience with each of them individually in the “Fantasy Suite,” a luxurious hotel room where the cameras are off and the rose petals are on (the bed).

The Fantasy Suite is where a contestant and star can wink wink nudge nudge get to know one another a little better. Before this season, however, no Bachelor or Bachelorette had ever said straight-faced to camera, I just had sex. And certainly none of them admitted that they had gotten busy prior to the unofficial official sex time.

So in the following episode that aired last night, continuing in The Bachelorette’s long tradition of Biblically retrograde attitudes toward women and sex, Kaitlyn had to be punished. She told host Chris Harrison that she “regrets” her decision to get physical so soon, to which Harrison responded, “That’s good.” (Hmm.) He then delivered (not acknowledging it as such) Kaitlyn’s punishment for her whorish behavior: She will not get to meet her remaining suitors’ families next week as planned. Instead, Harrison told her she will have to skip straight to the Fantasy Suite dates next week to “even the playing field” for the rest of the men.

This was par for the course for a show where this season’s “twist” was that on the first night, two Bachelorettes were presented to the suitors, who then got to vote for who would make a “better wife.” (They felt that Kaitlyn would make a better wife, no offense to Britt.)

But Kaitlyn isn’t the first contestant to have sex during the show. Some former stars have been more forthcoming after filming—which is why we can confidently say that a lot of fucking goes down on the show. But just how much? And where? And when? Here’s what we know from published interviews with former stars, contestants, and the romantic geniuses behind The Bachelor(ette).

Bachelor Sex By the Numbers

5 1/2: The number of contestants fucked during taping by Season 4 Bachelor Bob Guiney, according to Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss.

Yeah...that guy! Fleiss laid the facts out on the table (where, presumably, they could later be fucked) during a 20/20 special in 2010. “There is sex” on the show, he said, before identifying Guiney as the star who had, at least at that point, slept with the most people during a single season. If Fleiss’s “5 and a half” figure is correct, it would presumably mean that almost half of the sex took place outside the Fantasy Suite.

“Like 16”: The number of contestants actually fucked during taping by Season 4 Bachelor Bob Guiney.

Season 6 Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky shared a wilder version of Fleiss’ claims about Guiney’s sexual prowess in an interview after her season:

Mike Fleiss, the creator of the show, said Bob Guiney had sex with like 16 girls or something on the show! I heard he went in the bathroom during dates to have sex with the girls.

1: The number of contestants Fedotowsky herself admits to having slept with during filming.

She copped to a single sexual encounter—with the contestant who proposed to her. They, like most Bachelor couples, eventually broke up.

2: The number of suitors Season 10 Bachelorette Andi Dorfman admits to having slept with during her filming.

In a shocking “After the Final Rose” special, Nick Viall, whose ego was bruised after Andi did not pick him to become her fiancé, pointedly mumbled to her on camera, “If you weren’t in love with me, I’m just not sure why, like, why you made love with me.” Andi’s response to his calculated reveal: “Well first of all I think that’s...kind of below the belt. That’s something that should be private, and kept private.”

2: The number of Bachelorettes with whom Nick Viall has had sex while filming The Bachelorette (to date).

Yes, Nick is the very man with whom current Bachelorette Kaitlyn slept in last week’s episode. Yes, the show’s producers are just inviting old contestants back now to date the new Bachelorettes. Bachelorette Magdalenes Kaitlyn and Andi were recently photographed hanging out near a puffy treat.

3: The average number of female contestants Bachelors have sex with over the course of a season, according to creator Mike Fleiss’ 20/20 interview.

He has not been forthcoming about how many dudes the Bachelorettes bone.

0: The number of condoms provided in the Fantasy Suites, according to a tell-all book by Season 16 Bachelor contestant (and winner) Courtney Robertson.

Thirteen years after the start of the franchise, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have featured plenty of grown babies, but no unplanned ones.

Every Man and Woman’s Sexual Fantasy: “Talking All Night”

While those Bachelor(ettes) and contestants are popularly understood to have had carnal relations in the Fantasy Suite, plenty of others have gone to great lengths to insist the no-cameras-allowed dates are about more than seeing somebody naked for the first time. Season 1 Bachelorette Trista Sutter, for example, tweeted during a recent season of The Bachelor:

Fantasy Suite isn’t all about sexual fantasies as it may imply. In my mind, it was more about getting 1 on 1 time without cameras. Sooo impt!

And, as Bustle pointed out last year, Season 11 and Season 15 Bachelor Brad Womack—yes, a two-time Bachelor star—has also claimed the Fantasy Suite dates are just about “talking all night.” He wrote in a blog post for People during Season 15:

I’d like to explain why overnight dates are so important and what I used those nights away from the cameras for. I wanted to take the opportunity with all three of the women to talk, off camera, so we could all feel even more comfortable. By this time, I had gotten to know the women so very well and I wanted to feel confident in the fact that, after talking with each of them all night, I knew exactly what type of woman each of them is. I wanted to be confident that I actually knew these women as well as I thought I did. The overnight dates actually gave me quite a bit of clarity–clarity that I had been looking for!

The overnight dates gave him quite a bit of “clarity,” if that’s what you want to call it.

Season 17 Bachelor Sean Lowe, who was a self-proclaimed “born-again virgin” until he married contestant Catherine Giudici, participated in the Fantasy Suite dates but stressed he did not have sex during them.

Lowe did reveal in his memoir For the Right Reasons, however, that not all Bachelors and Bachelorettes are honest about what goes down during the dates. When Lowe was but a humble contestant on Season 8 of The Bachelorette, Bachelorette Emily Maynard famously declined to participate in the Fantasy Suite dates to set a “good example” for her young daughter. But Lowe claimed the audience didn’t see the whole story:

[Maynard] said, “Listen, I’m only going to do this with you. We’re going to look like we’re going to wrap up the date, but then we’re going to go to the fantasy suite and we can just hang out.”

He speculated that she “hooked up” with the other two contestants in a similar manner. Sean: You’re a good guy.

The Best Place to Do It Outside the Fantasy Suite

For those so bold as to try to have sex while the cameras are still running, there’s one place that seems to be preferred by contestants and Bachelors alike: the ocean. After a group date during Season 18 Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis’ season, contestant Clare Crawley pulled Juan Pablo into the ocean for what certainly looked like an intimate moment.

When later asked directly if she had sex with JP in the ocean, she (un)clarified to People:

I don’t think that it was made clear by anybody that that’s not what happened.

Bachelor contestant Courtney Robertson, who won Ben Flajnik’s heart and genitals on Season 16, was more direct about taking a similar romp in the sea during a beach-side date. She wrote in her memoir I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends:

To answer your question, yes, Ben and I did have sex in the ocean. On-camera. It was immediate but it was only for about twenty seconds and, um, it was just the tip.


What About STDs?

With all that (likely unprotected) ocean sex, shouldn’t contestants be worried about communicable diseases? According to season 9 Bachelor contestant Erica Rose, the show’s producers take care of that. She told Us Weekly earlier this year:

The good news is that if you want to sleep with somebody right after they were on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, you can guarantee that they don’t have any STDs, because we go through very, very extensive STD testing. [And] drug testing and psychiatric testing.

Hopefully the STD testing is more foolproof than the psych evaluations.

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