FX premiered the fifth installment of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story franchise, Hotel, last night. As is generally the case this early in the season, what exactly the fuck is going on is as yet unclear. What is clear is it takes place at Los Angeles’s Hotel Cortez, Wes Bentley and his generous eyebrows have been perfectly cast to brood, and Lady Gaga is in it. She’s really the centerpiece of the whole thing, and much of the pre-season promo has centered on her (she was, for example, the first guest on Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon).

American Horror Story: Hotel provides the pop star with her first acting role that isn’t just a glorified cameo, yet it kind of still feels like one. Perhaps this will be less so as the season progresses, but Lady Gaga has yet to disappear into her role. Onscreen, she is not yet Elizabeth; she is always Lady Gaga playing Elizabeth. It’s the pop-star acting curse. It doesn’t make her less watchable, but it also doesn’t make her believable. She was at her best when strutting around, looking incredible and styled within an inch of her life, as she was during her character’s six-minute introduction, set to She Wants Revenge’s “Tear You Apart.”

[There was a video here]

After all, Lady Gaga is very good in music videos, and the clip above is a very good music video.

When it comes to naturalistic line-readings, she’s less of a pro:

[There was a video here]

(And yes, I did intentionally keep Matt Bomer’s ass in the clip above, because why wouldn’t I?)

Gaga and Bomer’s characters appear to be vampires of a sort, and Gaga has said that addiction is one of the show’s main themes (she snorts coke, while Bomer’s character in a flashback was shown shooting heroin). Using vampires to tell a story about addiction is about as obvious as playing the Eagles’ “Hotel California” in a show about a hotel in California. American Horror Story: Hotel did just that during the premiere’s final scene.